Evgueny Jevaguine

  The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.



Trip Into the darkest parts of your Consciousness...

Carefully crafted and masterfully produced album that carries the listener to a place of ancient history, through Death into the Void and Beyond. Previously known for his First  Album Requiem, he shows here what he can do when given free range to encapsulate the listener Into the darkest Realms of theirs Souls...


This Album included  Exclusive Music

13 full length songs [HD Quality Format]

 Format Audio WAV 16-bit, 44.1khz (HD)


- Between Two Worlds -

- Dark Soul - 

 - Devil's Heart -

 - Beyond Nothingness -

- Edge Of Sky -

 - Immortal -

- Lost Wisdom -

- Nine Circles of Hell -

- Secret Path -

- Tears Of Blood -

- Broken Worlds -

- Eyes Wide Shut (Evgueny Jevaguine Occult Rework) -

- Hammer Of God -

Perfect for Workout, Cooking, doing Chores, Studying, Drawing, Relaxing, Driving, Dancing etc. You will find Yourself listening to this Everyday

18$ CAD


Yes really. research showed that human blood cells respond to sound frequencies by changing color and shape.This findings demonstrate sick or rogue cells can be healed or harmonized with sound. 


The music you listen to, therefore, can either help create harmonizing and sympathetic vibrations or chaotic and disorganized vibrations. Coherent, harmonizing vibrations promote healing, balance, and peace in both your mind and body. Loud, harsh, or jarring music can similarly lead to physical imbalance as well as mental turbulence...


A strong, driving rhythm can have a powerful impact on your consciousness. It can shift you out of your thought stream and into an expanded state of awareness in which you perceive the world differently. Thoughts of the past or future fade into the background as you hang suspended in the rhythmic pattern of the present moment, glimpsing your soul.


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