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Data we collect

In order to deliver you our products and services, we collect a small amount of information from you. If you have not purchased a product from this website, or signed up for an account, this information is not tied to your name or email address. However, this non-identifiable information includes:

  • your IP address (we do not correlate your IP address with other information that may identify you)

  • the type of browser and device you are using to visit the site (user agent)

  • the URLs of pages you visit on this site and this site only

If you have voluntarily made a purchase on this website, or created an account upon your checkout, we also collect the following information about you, initially provided to us by you:

  • Your name

  • Your email address

  • Your billing address (street address, city, state/province, country, postal/zip code)

  • Your purchase history (items purchased & their details, price paid, date of purchase, 

  • Preferred payment methods (if provided)

  • Referrals made through our “refer a friend” discount (who you referred and when, their name and email address)

If you have signed up for our email r we store the following information to contact you, through our third-party email marketing provider MailChimp:

  • Your name

  • Your email address

Additionally, our system logs the following information when you interact with our site, specifically if you have made an order or registered for an account:

  • Any email messages the site has sent your email address and when they occurred

  • Each time you have logged in, and what IP address you have logged in from

Cookie policy

Evgueny uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. We set cookies in your web browser to achieve the following functionality to help you to interact with our site:

  • adding/removing items to your cart

  • to maintain your language preferences as you browse the site

  • to maintain your currency preferences for payment

  • to set a Stripe transaction ID and verification token, so you can make a payment by credit card

  • to set an ID for our live chat window, in case you use it

  • to track your page views and behaviour on our site using Google Analytics

Other services we use

We also use a variety of services to help maintain and run this site:

  • Stripe: we use Stripe to process payments by credit cart

  • PayPal: we offer PayPal as a payment method, however we do not store any information about your PayPal account or behaviour

  • Google Analytics: we run Google analytics to help manage our business, to improve the site and offer what people are interested and to remove what people are not

  • MailChimp: to send you our email newsletter

  • Capsule: we use a CRM to help us generate sales leads and analyze past sales.

Request a copy of your data or ask to have your data deleted

Unless otherwise noted, we do not delete your data unless you explicitly request for us to do so. If you’d like us to delete your account and your related information, Contact 

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